Essential Oils for the Win!

I began my Young Living essential oil journey in August of 2016 and I’m not gonna lie, I started with knowing next to nothing about these little bottles of goodness but luckily, I have 2 daughters who have been using oils for quite some time.  I started off thinking I would just use essential oils for diffusing because I like my house to smell good, doesn’t everyone?  I can now say I know a little more than when I started but there is so much to learn!  That’s one of the things I love about essential oils, I will likely never know everything but I intend on soaking up all oily knowledge I can get my hands on.

What I have learned so far is that they are good for so many things; from relieving pain (muscular, toothaches, hives, eczema, etc) to helping you sleep like a baby at night and speaking of babies – certain oils can be used to soothe a crying baby or help with constipation and more.  Essential Oils can be used to make natural and healthy beauty products, cleaning products, certain oils can help you or loved ones stop smoking, oils can be used to shorten the time a cold sore will take to heal, they can be used to help level out your emotions and clear out negative thoughts, but one unexpected benefit I have received is how they are helping me with my day to day life and managing my Multiple Sclerosis. I use lemon oil every morning to jump start the day by giving me more energy, helping me to keep my blood pressure normal, and all around to help my body handle the pains that I liv13938428_10153737706946406_6231127089622891145_ne with daily.  It’s so exciting too that oils get to work quickly doing what they are supposed to! I made up a massage oil that helps with mobility issues related to muscle spasticity and balance problems. And I inhale ginger essential oil when my MS Vertigo kicks in. Since I made the decision to take my Neurologist’s advice to stop working, I decided that my full time job would be to nurse myself back to as good a quality of life as possible and Essential Oils are now an integral part of that process.

I could go on and on but I will stop right there and share a few of my favorite recipes. Stay tuned because as I learn, I will share it with you!

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